In terms of historical preservation, if “restored but not new” is the order of the day, AAR Restoration will answer the call!

Many projects require a wide range of restoration services. All work is completed with little or no disruption of business to the buildings and other surrounding establishments. We recognize that not every project is as comprehensive as the aforementioned restoration services, however we pride ourselves on delivering the same outstanding quality and service to every client on every job.


AAR Restoration has successfully delivered excellent customer service in Masonry. Our family owned company and our masonry crew has been working for the past 40 years leading projects such as; new construction, restorations, masonry, stone, veneers, residential, commercial properties. We've worked on schools, universities, daycare centers, churches, libraries, office buildings, retail centers, apartment buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as government facilities.
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When the elements attack your building our superior waterproofing and restoration is your best line of defense. At American Architectural Restoration, AAR Restoration, Anthony Dragone Sr. and family utilize a wide range of advanced techniques to protect your structure. We have specially trained crews and pride ourselves on being a strong family owned company. Waterproofing, (roof leaks, exterior leaks, structural damage, and more) is at the heart of our company. We are extremely proud of the expertise we’ve gained over the years.
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AAR has been a restoration preservation company since 1982. We are West Point military restoration contractors so all our work is completed in accordance with Restoration Specifications. We work on Municipal, County, State, Historical Buildings, executing all types of restoration projects across the North East. Be it concrete or wood, We replicate and replace structures to match existing areas. Our work is so pleasing to the eye that it will easily blend into the surrounding architecture. We always maintain the highest level of historical accuracy and integrity. With over 40 years of hands-on experience, we know exactly how these properties have been amended and we make repairs to stop future problems.
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